CZFB’s main lines of action

Anticipating the future since 1916

We build alliances for Progress

We contribute to the projection of Barcelona

Sustainability is our strategy

We stand for job equity

We foster talent

Mission, vision & values


To be a leading industrial hub in the Mediterranean, acting as a driving force for attracting and promoting value-added companies, providing them with innovative resources and services.


To stimulate the economy of the Barcelona metropolitan area by managing the industrial area at the Zona Franca and Zona Franca Customs as the primary activity for generating economic and social value, raising international awareness.


  • Collaboration and coordination
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork and participation
  • Innovation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Economic consistency

Working to make reality
2030 horizon

2021: all metro stations in the ZF became operational

Schedule: 5 a.m to midnight
L9 South

Parc Logístic


Schedule: 5 a.m to midnight
L10 South

Zona Franca

Port Comercial/La Factoría


ZAL/Riu Vell

SDGs in action

We are members of Barcelona’s 2030 Agenda Committee, a citizen participation body created by the City Council to examine aspects related to the city’s sustainability.

We have published the 2020 Biennial Progress Report to the Global Compact Association, where we seek to be a paradigm of sustainability in industrial management.

Our priority SDGs:
4 Agreements to promote dual vocational training in companies.
5 Creation of the Women's Council of the Zona Franca. and strategy to promote parity.
7 Plan to install photovoltaic panels and a partnership with TMB to create a hydrogen plant in the Zona Franca.
8 Creation of BNEW, an event for the economic reactivation of Barcelona. Acceleration of start-ups to create a stronger productive fabric.
9 Expansion of the 3D Incubator for 3D printing. Agreement with the Postal Service and Barcelona City Council to promote a technology centre in the Post Office Building.
11 Promotion of sustainable mobility in the Zona Franca Barcelona.
13 Promotion of joint waste collection in the Zona Franca.
17 Partnerships between companies to produce field ventilators on an industrial scale to combat COVID-19.
Other SDGs to which we also adhere:
1 Agreements with social organisations and NGOs to eradicate poverty.
2 Participation in drives to collect food, clothing and household goods.
3 Adherence to the Luxembourg Declaration for Workers' Health.
6 Actions to improve the quality of groundwater in the Zona Franca.
10 Universal accessibility guideline in corporate actions.
12 Promotion of the circular economy in companies located in the Zona Franca.
14 “Microbiome" initiative for the biostimulation of groundwater microbes that combat organochlorine contamination.
15 “Think Green” initiative for beautification and naturalisation of the Zona Franca.
16 Adoption of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to structure the organization’s management processes.

Wallbox: a new production plant in the Zona Franca industrial area

Wallbox, a Wall Street-listed leader in intelligent electric vehicle charging solutions, has chosen to set up a manufacturing plant in Barcelona’s Zona Franca because it is the best environment in Spain to create an electromobility hub.

The Barcelona-born “unicorn” company invests massively in R&D for the cutting-edge development of sustainable technologies in electromobility.


The new factory:

Will occupy approximately 17.000 m2

A benchmark building in sustainability and circular economy, “Cradle to Cradle”:

  • loT applied to production
  • Reusing 75% of the energy consumed in the production process