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The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) would like to thank everyone from the institutions and associations, business and professional sectors who have supported our events in 2021. They have all contributed in their own way to make this an exceptional year of innovation that will ensure a future for up-and-coming generations that is more socially just and environmentally respectful.

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2021 Milestones

We develop new initiatives to foster sustainable growth, competitiveness and the development of the 4.0 economy.

Lines of action

Human being,
Sustainable being

It is time for a climate emergency. We believe that growth must be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure the well-being of the planet.

Technology offers
new perspectives

Robotics, AI, 5G, among many others technologies, are creating a news world that digital natives are called ipon to take to the next level.

We want to contribute to this new horizon, where technology can be a driver of solidarity.

Partnerships for
an effective ecosystem

CZFB’s genetic makeup is characterized by plurality and the search for partnerships that ensure results and a highly efficient ecosystem. 2021 was a bountiful year in terms of strategic agreements with other entities that will turn the Zona Franca de Barcelona into an urban laboratory of new growth opportunities.